Research Interests

We are interested in Robotics & Mechatronics problems lying in the exciting intersection of Mechanical / Aerospace, Electrical & Computer Engineering fields. In order to realistically address those types of problems we, mostly but not exclusively, adopt control theoretic concepts and utilize or develop analytic approaches coming from both the continuous and discrete domains. More specifically, our current research interests are in the area of applications of Nonlinear Control and Real Time Embedded Control Systems in

  • Sensor Based Motion Planning & Control of multi-agent Robotic Systems: Manipulators & Vehicles (Mobile, Underwater and Aerial) and
  • Bio – Mechatronics.

Although Robotics and Autonomous systems are our main applications domains, further interests include:

  • Air Traffic Management
  • Production Inspection & Automation

Research Areas

Funded Research Projects

Our research directions, outlined above, have been and are currently sponsored by a number of national and international sources, mostly in the form of collaborative projects. So far, we have been granted 31 research contracts adding up to 4.8 M €.


All of our publications, are available upon request.