Multi-Agent Systems

Group: Multi-Agent Systems
Office: Mechanical Engineering Complex
Building M, Ground Floor
Phone Numbers: +302107721726

Post-Doc Associate: Charalampos Behlioulis
MsC Students: Christos Verginis | Theodoros Chountras
Undergraduate Student: Iordanis Chatzinikolaou | Giannis Tsogias

Research: Research in multi-agent systems focuses on navigation and collision avoidance algorithms, with Air Traffic Control as a key application. We are developing algorithms that can offer guaranteed performance and ensure flight safety in a future ATC environment. So far, Navigation Functions have been adapted for the Decentralized Control of Non-Holonomic Agents in 3-Dimensional Space, while a combination with Model Predictive Control (MPC) has been developed in order to account for the limited actuation capacity and the constraints imposed on a real aircraft. (Collaborative work with the John Lygeros group@ETH). Low velocity bounds have been incorporated in the NF framework and limited sensing is being investigated. Finally, a separate discrete approach utilizing formal methods (Model Checker) to produce collision-free trajectories satisfying velocity and curvature bounds is being developed.