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Sotiris Aspragkathos

Research Interests: My main research interests involve automatic control and robotics. More specifically, my research philosophy lies in the investigation of the the issue of the cooperative control of multiple robotic manipulators. We relate to interactions through both combined motion

George Boutselis

Research Interests: Robotics, Control Systems, Optimization, System Identification Email: | Phone: 2107724012 Office: Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Building M, Basement Website: Conference Papers Georgios I. Boutselis, Charalampos P. Bechlioulis, Minas V. Liarokapis and Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos, “An

Leonidas Dritsas

Research Interests: My interests lie in the areas of Networked Control, Robust Control, Time-Delayed Systems, Guidance and Control of Aerospace Systems, Constrained Control and Industrial Robot Control Applications. I am a member of the Control System Lab at NTUA (

Panos Marantos

Research Interests: Non Linear Systems & Control, Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Sensor Fusion, Visual Servoing. Contact Details: Email: Phone: 2107721726 Office: Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Building M, Ground Floor Website: Publications: Journal Papers [2] Panos Marantos, Charalampos P.

George Karras, PhD

Affiliated Assistant Professor (University of Thessaly)   Research Interests: My interests extend in the field of unmanned vehicles (underwater, aerial, mobile), system integration, robotics, automation and software engineering. The fields of my expertise include computer vision, visual servo control, sensor

Charalampos (Babis) Bechlioulis

Research Interests: My main research interests involve the integration of automatic control, robotics, mechatronics and computer science in closed loop schemes (physical computing). In particular, my expertise spans the areas of nonlinear control, system identification, decentralized control of multi-agent systems,