Completed Projects

[23] “CESAR: Cost-efficient methods and processes for safety relevant embedded systems – Sub-Program 6: Aerospace”, ARTEMIS Joint Technological Initiative, 172.000€, 2009-2012.

[22] “Safety, Complexity and Responsibility based design and validation of highly automated Air Traffic Management – iFLY”, EE, FP6-2005-TREN 4, 242.500€, 2006-2009.

[21] «Development of an Advanced Robotic Systems for Upper-Limb Substitution using Electro-Myo-Graphic Signals», PENED (GSRT), 2006-2009, 93.000€. Cooperation with Zenon S.A.

[20] “EPIPLEON: Underwater Inspection using Remotely Operated Vehicles”, EUREKA (GSRT), 2006-2008, 64.000€. Cooperation with Marac S.A.

[19] «Underwater telecommunication – Automatic navigation and Acoustic visualization technologies for Undersea Vehicle Systems (AUVs – ROVs)», International Cooperation (GSRT: 05NON-EU-546), 2006-2008, 6.000€. Cooperation with Hellenic Center of Marine Science, ??? (USA), Marac S.A.

[18] FP6-2002-IST-001917 “NEUROBOTICS: The fusion of NEUROscience and roBOTICS for augmenting human capabilities”, 2004 – 7, 420.000€ (IP)

[17] FP6-2002-IST-1 “I-SWARM : Intelligent Small World Autonomous Robots for Micro-Manipulation”, 2004 – 7, 410.000€ (IP)

[16] “EURON II : European Robotics Research Network II”, IST-2002-507728 (IST Future and Emerging Technologies), Greek National Representative, 2004-2008, 50.000€

[15] «Principles of Using the Navigation Functions Methodology for the Label Anti-Overlapping Problem», C20047E/BM/05 Eurocontrol “Gre a Gre” contract, 2005, 25.000€

[14] “Modeling & Hybrid Control of Robotic Multi-arm Locomotion Systems with Holonomic & Nonholonomic Constraints” 2003-2006 (National, NTUA), 15.000€.

[13] “Robust Schemes for Coordination & Control over Heterogeneous Networks: Autonomous Guided Vehicle Fleet within a Corporate INTRANET”, Greek – Italian Cooperation (with University of Parma), 2003-2005, (National, GSRT), 20.000€

[12] “MICRON: MIniature Co-operative RObots advancing towards the Nano-range”, IST-2001-33567 (Future and Emerging Technologies), 2002-2005, 250.000€

[11] “HYBRIDGE: Distributed Control and Stochastic Analysis of Hybrid Systems Supporting Safety Critical Real-Time Systems Design”, IST-2001-32460, 2002-2005, 280.000€

[10] “EURON : European Robotics Research Network”, IST-2000-26048 (IST Future and Emerging Technologies), Greek Representative, 2000-2003, 10.000€

[9] “AUTOTRACKER: Autonomous Inspection of Subsea Telecommunication Cables, Power Cables and Pipelines with Underwater Robotic Vehicles”, GROWTH G3RD-CT-2000-00265, 2000-2003+2004, 250.000+15.000€

[8] “Coordination of a pair of Mobile Robots during Indoors Tasks”, Greek – Polish Cooperation (with Pozna? University of Technology), 2000-2002, (National, GSRT), 12.000€

[7] “A Hybrid Systems Approach for Power Systems Analysis”, 2000-2002 (National, ICCS-NTUA), 15.000€

[6] “Robust Integration Methodologies for a Team of Commercially Available Indoors Mobile Robots: Application to Office Patrolling”, PENED-1999-EÄ4 (cooperation with Univ. of Patras and Technical University of Crete), Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology, 2000-2001 (National), 50.000€

[5] “Development of Robotic Packaging System for Plastic Bowls”, PABE-1999 (cooperation with PALAS S.A.), 2000-2001 (National, GSRT), 30.000€

[4] “Sensor – Actuator Identification for Real-Time Control of a Time-Delayed Hydro-pneumatic ink injection System”, Greek – British Cooperation (with Strathclyde University and MORNOS S.A.), 1999-2001, (National, GSRT), 10.000€

[3] “Semiautomatic Control of Underwater Vehicles via Teleoperation”, Greek – French Cooperation (with CNRS-Grenoble), 1998-2000, (National, GSRT), 12.000€

[2] “NSCN: Breakthrough in Nonlinear Control Systems”, EC-Training & Mobility for Researchers, 1997-2000, 50.000€

[1] “SESDIP: Structural Evaluation & Synthesis of Distributed Industrial Processes”, ESPRIT III – 8924, 1994-1996 (as member of the U.Patras team), 180.000€